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Roster of Apparatus

Engine 47 Steamer

Engine Company 47 responding with their 1889 third size La France steamer.   Captain John J. Gaw stands on the rear step. Christopher Maguire is the chauffeur.  Third-size steamers pumped at 500-600 gallons per minute.   Photo: Geroge F. Mand Library.

1905 American LaFrance 2nd Size (Metropolitan) Steamer

1905   American LaFrance 2nd Size (Metropolitan) Steamer, August 1920.  Second-size steamers pumped at 700-800 gallons per minute.  Photo: George F. Mand Library.

1920 American LaFrance 700 GPM

1920 American LaFrance 700 GPM, August 25. 1920.  Photo: George F. Mand Library.

1951 Ward LaFrance 750 GPM

Ward LaFrance 1951 750 GPM Booster Pump.  Photo: Jack Lerch.  Courtesy: George F. Mand Library. 

Two-Wheel Engine Tender

An Amoskeag two-wheel hose tender, pulled by one horse and with only room to carry the driver.  It carried sixteen lengths of rubber 2 1/2" hose.  A box in th rear carried extra fueld for the steam engine. [2]

1907 Rech Marbecker 1st Size Hose Wagon

Rech Marbecker 1st Size Hose Wagon, August 1920.   Photo: George F. Mand Library.

This following chart is copied, with permission, from a typescript in the FDNY George F. Mand Library.

Date Received              Roster of Apparatus [1]

10/14/1881       1877   Amoskeag 3rd Size 

10/14/1881       1865  Amoskeag 2 Wheel Hose Tender

8/07/1882         1882   Repair Shops Roller Frame 50 Ft

10/22/1883       1883   J U Bauchelle 4 Wheel Hose Tender

6/14/1888         1884   Clapp & Jones 4th Size

9/04/1895         1889 LaFrance 3rd Size (Nest Tube 30"x60")

7/30/1898         1898   Sebastian 2nd Size Hose Wagon

8/21/1903         1903   Nott 3rd Size

3/01/1905         1905   American LaFrance 2nd Size (Metropolitan) Steamer

9/26/1907         1907   Rech Marbecker 1st Size Hose Wagon

8/18/1920         1920   American LaFrance 700 GPM

6/1/1933           1931   American LaFrance 700 GPM

10/03/1951       1951   Ward LaFrance 750 GPM Booster

7/5/1959           1958   Mack 750 GPM Booster (Closed Cab)

9/15/1969         1969   Mack 1000 GPM (Diesel)

4/3/1979           1978   Mack 1000 GPM (Diesel)

7/18/1985         1984   Mack 1000 GPM Ward Body Red & White Paint

10/6/1994         1994   Seagrave 1000 GPM

6/02/2004         2003   Seagrave 1000 GPM




[1] Engine Company 47 Roster of Apparatus. Typescript.  The George F. Mand Library.  Copied with permission of the George F. Mand Library.

[2]  Calderone, John A. and Jack Lerch.  Wheels of the Bravest: A History of the FDNY Fire Apparatus 1865-1982.  Howard Beach: Fire Apparatus Journal Publications, 1984.  p.7

Roster of Apparatus