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  • Collection: Interborough Rapid Transit Company (IRT) Subway

Headline announcing opening of IRT subway, October 28, 1904, from the New-York Tribune

A description of the crowds on the first day of IRT subway service

Picture of Frank L. Hedley at his desk, from the New-York Tribune, illustrated supplement, Sunday, October 23, 1904

A map showing the first IRT lines (with both branches), including circles marking distances

Panorama of Morningside Heights looking towards St. John the Divine (under construction), with El train tracks in foreground

IRT emblem from 1904 IRT report "The New York Subway: its equipment and construction"

Illustration from the first page of the Introduction of the 1904 IRT report "The New York subway: its construction and equipment"

Photo showing "Cut and Cover" construction at Broadway and 117th St., along with concrete arch of tunnel (looking north)

Manhattan Valley Viaduct construction, looking roughly southwest from what appears to be 125th St., (then known as Manhattan Street) based on the presence of the streetcar tracks (Third Avenue Railway had tracks along 125th St, but some similar…

A detail of the 1904 IRT route map, which shows both the newly-opened IRT subway lines (in red) and the older Elevated Railway lines ("Els")
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