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  • Collection: Bloomingdale Asylum

Portrait of Julius Chambers, reporter of the New York Tribune, who feigned insanity on order to be admitted to the Bloomingdale Asylum and then wrote published a series of articles about his experience, denouncing abuses in the treatment of patients.…

Photograph of Dwight H. Olmstead, lawyer and real estate investor who led the fight to remove the Bloomingdale Asylum from Morningside Heights as a nuisance, obstacle to progress, and depressor of real estate values. (Image a frontispiece taken from…

Drawing of the floor plan of the Men's Lodge at Bloomingdale, where violent and "noisy" patients were kept, drawn by New York Tribune reporter Julius Chambers with a pin on a sheet of paper and stored in his shoe during his confinement as a feigned…

Detail of the Bromley Atlas of New York City from 1891, showing the grounds of the Bloomingdale Asylum, with added numbers for buildings and features, roughly in the historical order of their addition to the grounds.

Graph of references to "habeas corpus" in American Book literature found in the Google Books databases, suggesting a peculiar sensitivity to this concept in the 1860s and 1870s.

Picture of reception hall in the newly opened Green Hall (1879) illustrating the home or hotel-like environment of the Bloomingdale as well as the luxury afforded to better-off patients.

Portrait of Ellbridge Gerry, member of the Board of Governors of New York Hospital, who played a key role in organizing support for the Asylum during the attempt of real estate interests to dislodge it between 1886 and 1889.

Portrait of Cornelius Bliss, a leading retail merchant, Republican party officer, and a governor of New York Hospital as well as its treasurer in 1888.

Joseph Choate, Bloomingdale governor. A leading New York City lawyer and future U.S. ambassador to Great Britain.

John Muncaster Brown, president of the New York Hospital Board of Governors in 1988 and a leading New York City banker.
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