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  • Collection: Bloomingdale Asylum

Detail of Egbert L. Viele'sSanitary & Topographical Map of the City and Island of New York(1865), showing the narrow parameters of the future Morningside Heights, visible at the top of the map next to the Hudson River, with the valley of…

Title page of published hearings from the New York State Senate hearings in early 1888 on a bill calling for removal of the tax exemption of the Bloomingdale and the cutting of streets through its grounds.

Portrait of Thomas Eddy (1758-1827), governor and then president of the board of governors of New York Hospital, who was the prime moving spirit behind the creation of a new asylum at Bloomingdale in 1821.

Image of the Retreat at York in England, one of the pioneers of "moral treatment" of the insane, whose work influenced the decision to create a new kind of asylum in New York in 1815. The picture appeared on the frontispiece of the publication that…

Photograph of the Superintendent's House, constructed in 1852. In the background one has a glimpse of the Porter's Lodge on the right near the road and the barn or stables on the left.

Fragment of the 1870 manuscript United State census record for the Bloomingdale Asylum. Note the identification of the individual patients' occupations as "insane."

Picture of reception hall in the newly opened Green Hall (1879) illustrating the home or hotel-like environment of the Bloomingdale as well as the luxury afforded to better-off patients.

Wilson was Bloomingdale Asylum Attending Physician, 1839-1844.

Lyon was Medical Superintendent of the Bloomingdale from 1890 to 1911, It was under his leadership that the asylum moved to White Plains.

Earle was Bloomingdale Asylum Attending Physician, 1844-1849. His tenure probably represents the apogee of the asylum's program of "moral treatment."
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