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An article in the series published by Julius Chambers about his stay in the Bloomingdale Asylum. Its account of the grim and brutal conditions in the Men's Lodge helped fuel public outage about the treatment of patients at the asylum.

Illustration from Harper's Magazine, showing a men's dining hall at the Blackwell's Island asylum, providing a sharp contrast to the stately dining room at the Bloomingdale's Green Memorial Hall.

A description of the crowds on the first day of IRT subway service

Image of the Bloomingdale Asylum Main Bulding, with strolling patients (?) from Sights and Sensations of the Great City (1872).

Photo showing "Cut and Cover" construction at Broadway and 117th St., along with concrete arch of tunnel (looking north)

Headline of Boston Globe article reporting on the suicide of former Bloomingdale attending physician David Tilden Brown on September 6, 1889. While the article goes on to treat the event, in rather maudlin and sensational terms, as a tragedy, its…

Dining room of John C, Green Memorial Hall, Bloomingdale Asylum. The elegant setting, with servants providing dinner highlights the very comfortable accommodation the asylum provided not only to its wealthy patients but to a significant part of its…

Account of a fire during a show at Diedrich's at 110th and Broadway.

Graph of references to "habeas corpus" in American Book literature found in the Google Books databases, suggesting a peculiar sensitivity to this concept in the 1860s and 1870s.

A page from the rotogravure section of theSun and New York Herald,with a photograph of the horse-drawn engine and hose tender on 113th Street. The caption reads:"The last of Manhattan's famous fire horses pass. The teams of Engine Company No. 47,…
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