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Photograph of an American LaFrance 2nd Size (Metropolitan) Steamer leaving Engine Company No. 47 quarters on August 25, 1920, the day the fire-horses were retired.

Photograph of the company's new American LaFrance 700 GPM engine taken on August 25, 1920, the day the company was motorized.

A photograph of Engine Company No. 47's Ward LaFrance 750 GPM Booster

The architects' cross-section of the building, detailing the purpose for each floor.

A present-day view of the splendid Riverside Church nave.

A contemporary view of the intricately carved chancel screen of the Riverside Church.

This drafting plan illustrates the proposed use of Guastavino's iconic vaulted ceiling tiles in one room of the Riverside Church.

Guastavino tile design for a proposed mortuary chapel in the Riverside Church- the featured tiles were Guastavino's signature Akoustolith, designed to reduce acoustic reflection and noise in large vaulted ceilings.

This blueprint features notes in yellow from R. Guastavino & Co. on the type and positioning of tile for the church area above the proposed Play Room.
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