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Describes reorganization of Fire Department under Chief Croker. New officers will be promoted to companies in downtown districts, older officers will be moved to lighter duty in uptown districts.

New York Tribune article describes slippery conditions for horses racing to a fire.

This front page New York Tribune article names the last fire horses in Manhattan: Mutt, Jeff, Doc, Carl, and Carnot.

Margaret Fuller, a leading figure in the American Transcendental movement and an enthusiastic observer of the work of Pliny Earle at Bloomingdale.

Photograph of the Superintendent's House, constructed in 1852. In the background one has a glimpse of the Porter's Lodge on the right near the road and the barn or stables on the left.

Photograph of the new Bloomingdale Asylum campus in White Plains, from the 1894 Annual Report of New York Hospital.

Portrait of Hermann Cammann, member of the Board of Govenors of New York Hospital, real estate man,chief negotiator for the sale of the Bloomingdale property, and later, trustee of Columbia University

Newspaper article about the death of Captain James Murphy, who died in quarters after just returning from a fire.

New-York Tribune article describes four city fires, beginning with a fire on the top floor of 502 West 113th Street.

Macy Villa, the last building constructed on the Bloomingdale campus (1884) and the only one remaining today (now called Buell Hall), shown in its current setting, moved slightly north and west of its original position and shorn of the wooden porches…
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